Global transits and the flowering of humanity

Global transits and the flowering of humanity

Further in the text there will be a certain number of astrological terms, but all of them will be explained in clear language, this article is not for astrologers, but for a wide range of readers. Astrological terms serve as a kind of metaphor to explain what patterns the global program lives in.

Even in Vedic astrology, it is impossible to ignore Pluto and the transit that awaits us, starting from April 5. I suggest that we get out of the influence of concepts, whether it is Western astrology or Eastern, we live in a world where everything exists. Humanity is clearly experiencing profound changes and we have entered the peak of an era of change. People of so-called positive thinking believe that after the end of the quarantine, everything will be as before. Their reasoning is clear, they want the same stability that they have had in recent decades. Their opponents are tuning in to digitalization and total control. Their concerns are also understandable against the background of how easy it was to disperse everyone to their homes and control their stay in them. Probably, in this question, as in all others, the truth is somewhere in the center.

The author is very far from many esoteric concepts, such as" the age of Aquarius", perceives it as a poetic name for the stage lived by humanity. The names do not give practical understandings, they require explanations. In this article there is no claim to the truth, then there will be a subjective view based on intuition and philosophical impartial vision, it can give a field for reflection and, perhaps, will serve both for calming and for nervous excitement.

Pluto, as a symbol of rebirth, the destruction of the obsolete, the destroyer of stability and the ruler of epidemics and mass psychoses, entered the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is the strictest sign of all the twelve. Capricorn is the earth-a very materialistic archetype, far from fantasy and devoid of illusory perception of the world. Over the past decades, humanity has developed an idea of the world economy as a kind of sustainable phenomenon, people have gained loans and planned life to old age. And here in the most material sign comes Pluto, destroying the imaginary stability, giving us an epidemic and, as a result, mass psychosis. This is one time.

Here, in Capricorn, until the end of 2021, Jupiter comes. Jupiter is a symbol of piety, and in the sign of Capricorn it is as weak as possible. It deprives people of this very piety and concern for the quality of what they produce. People, having lost their previous sources of income, will look for new ones: at least some. Amateurs and producers of "garbage"will take the stage. We are waiting for the clutter is no longer goods (material broken by Pluto), and garbage knowledge. That's two.

Here, in Capricorn, from the end of January 2020 and for the next two and a half years, is Saturn. Saturn is strict, he gives both honors and punishes, does not tolerate ignorance and dishonor. Capricorn belongs to Saturn, Saturn has come to his home. Is austerity in the square. This is the reward for the lack of piety mentioned above. This is the time when people are faced with what they have earned. They thought a lot about material wealth and little about the soul. Billions of people were locked in their apartments one - on-one with unresolved problems in their souls and their relationships. This is a meeting with inner demons, when there is no possibility of entertainment, and watching movies and tapes in social networks is already sick. Saturn forces us to face our inner difficulties and realize the Adharma allowed in previous years. Through fictitious time, putting aside haste, to look into timelessness, through boredom to develop patience, to force to look beyond the next Monday or even beyond the short life of a person, to accept the metaphor of death, which is always followed by a new birth. That's three.

Here, in Capricorn, until the beginning of may 2020, Mars is located. This is a very brief transit in the scale of history, but indicative in the conditions of quarantine. Mars in Capricorn is as strong as possible, here it is very energetic: you want action. And there are not so many opportunities for action...

What can these actions be? Someone will start new projects, write business plans (even as an Amateur in a new business in view of weak Jupiter), someone will do repairs. And who won't, what will he do? Jump into Windows like in China, unable to withstand the glow of the shadow frequency (Saturn's work)? To engage in robbery in view of the lack of piety (Jupiter) and material stability (Pluto)? Fight with your loved ones, being locked in the same territory with them 24/7? Here, everyone has their own scenario... That's four.

What do we have in total? The destruction of a familiar and stable, the exacerbation is not resolved internal problems, lack of godliness and the reward for the Adharma. It sounds like a complete mess, not exactly like universal prosperity...

The world is big and inert. After the quarantine is lifted, he will most likely try to restore himself to his former form, out of habit. But Pluto does not like habits, Saturn does not like quick money, not following the highest goal and its purpose. The time of collapse is not necessary for society and hinders the implementation of the evolutionary impulse of humanity. And it is also a time to discover the purpose in the heart of each individual, a time of fundamentally new opportunities, where the main key to success can be an understanding of one's own non-separateness and action for the benefit of the whole. The most resistant to change will drop out-perhaps not immediately, but gradually - because the world is large and inert... All this leads to an increase in the frequencies of the human species through the dark night of its collective soul and the cleansing of the old frequencies that leave the world with its individuals. An operation necessary for the recovery of the human body. It may not sound very humanistic, but if you look at the scale of the galaxy...

Death always precedes birth, and perhaps the most important thing we need is trust, patience, mutual support, surrender to change, and knowledge of how each of us can serve society. We'll buy new shoes later, if you still want them)



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Monday, 01 March 2021
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