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Екатерина Завалей

Ekaterina Zavalej

Destination search specialist
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Practitioner of modern Vedic astrology Jyotish, Gene keys, student of Kali Shankara Academy, researcher of human individuality and author of online products on these topics. More than three years of professional astrological practice, more than four years of practice of Gene keys, more than 1500 disassembled destinations.

Individual consultation reveals all the issues of a person's life. There are no predictions of the future, mysticism, scares, suggestions to perform rituals and abstract reasoning about your psychological portrait. Only the practice of life and the strategy of real actions.
  • What exactly can you do?
  • What practical actions are needed to realize your dreams?
  • Knowledge and skills in what areas do you lack to go your own way?
  • What qualities do your partners expect from you - existing or potential?
  • What destroys your relationship and what strengthens it?
  • Which partners are suitable for you? Whether it's love or work.
  • What are your financial settings and where can you get money from?
  • What are your complexes that prevent you from realizing yourself in your real life?
  • What areas of life suffer if you live in your homeland?
  • What makes you happy and what makes you satisfied?
  • What exactly in your life causes unpleasant situations?
  • What are you not in tune with yourself?
  • What can you do to turn on your power?
  • What can you do to turn on your power?

It is important to understand that life does not go as we would like, not because there is "something wrong"in our horoscope. By bringing trouble into our lives, we pay for the incorrect use of our inclinations. Absolutely any position in the map, even if it is considered unfavorable, can be used for good, if a person knows how. Every single person is made according to universal principles, and their combinations make us unique. In fact, astrology deciphers our genetics, shows us a unique psychological portrait and allows you to reduce the time for self-examination in the company of a coach or a psychologist engaged in career guidance.

The analysis of the Natal chart is preceded by a psychological interview, which allows you to determine which Natal chart corresponds to you (this is called rectification). Only the combination of personality + card allows you to deduce the purpose, so two people with the same horoscopes have different destinies and different vocations.

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    • Maria Degtiareva

      Thank you immensely for this information. A lot of things respond, I dream of getting your personal advice)

    • Rada Milyukova

      Thank you very much! Very useful information. All about me! I was going in the right direction, but by touch. Now I have a Navigator!))

    • Helen Suleimanova

      I am infinitely glad that there was such an opportunity to calculate my card by the exact time of birth. Much has become clear!! Thank you❤

    • Elena Vasilyeva

      Thank you, I now know my ascendant, because on other sites in General it did not come out, and now everything is built in logically

      There are three consultation formats:


      18 000 ₽
      Analysis of individual purposes, duration 2-3 hours.

      Pair consultation

      33 000 ₽
      A pair consultation, which includes two meetings of 2-3 hours (a full analysis of the purposes of both partners), plus consideration of compatibility and ways to find a common language in communication and sex.

      Children's analysis

      10 000 ₽
      Children's analysis (up to 18 years), duration about one and a half hours. As a rule, children are not given any final destination, but the analysis helps to better understand the child, how it makes sense to develop him, what words can be programmed to show him his talents; it helps teenagers to decide on higher education.

      The spread of birth time +/- 3 hours is not difficult when rectification of the map.
      The meeting takes place online, and you still have an audio recording as a result.

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