Importance of rectification of the Vedic Natal chart and opportunities for it on the Saturn.Love website

​On the Saturn.Love by Jyotish Vedic astrology you can get an interpretation of the positions in your Natal chart and get to know yourself better. It often happens that a person knows the time of his birth very roughly and then he should not be sure that the Natal chart, built for an approximate time, really describes him. Or a person can be born a...
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What does austerity mean to me?

This is not about external hardships at all. I can drink wine with great pleasure, eating a delicacy. I can buy beautiful things and not limit myself. For me, pleasure is a means of attaining higher States, just as prayer, for example, can be a means of achieving higher States. There is no difference what we do, there is a difference how we do it: ...
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Disassembled condition and feeling of being lost

Familiar? How do you live? Distracted? Do you indulge in melancholy? Overcome by thoughts about where to go next? Write in the comments. Now humanity seems to be placed in conditions conducive to the birth of a new creative wave. Melancholy is always followed by a new round. If the process of melancholy is accepted and lived, then a new charge of c...
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Global transits and the flowering of humanity

Further in the text there will be a certain number of astrological terms, but all of them will be explained in clear language, this article is not for astrologers, but for a wide range of readers. Astrological terms serve as a kind of metaphor to explain what patterns the global program lives in. Even in Vedic astrology, it is impossible to ignore ...
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What does "raising vibrations" mean in a practical sense? Or how to use the current turbulence to your advantage.

Putting aside the incomprehensible words of various "messengers from Sirius "about" increasing the vibrations of the planet" and magical thinking, let's try to figure out what the current evolutionary stage requires of us, which we have climbed so unexpectedly that so far it feels more like a fall. As my friend writes, the awakening comes suddenly,...
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Two deaths

The last thing he heard was the scrape of metal, the sound of breaking glass, and a woman shouting, " Help me get him out! The steering wheel crushed his chest!» The last thing he felt in his body was a sharp pain somewhere in the region of his ribs, as someone grabbed him with strong hands and pulled him out of the crumpled car into a shapeless lu...
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