Your ego according to your Sun in houses

Sun represents our ego as individuality. When the house of our Sun is realised - we feel satisfied, and when we don't work with this house, our ego suffers.

1st house
1st house summarises our horoscope and symbolizes our personality, so your ego might suffer if haven't realised a wholesome personality and haven't found your life purpose. Also, you might care about your physical appearance.

2nd house
Personal earnings and material possessions feed your ego. Feel bad when don't earn their OWN money.

3rd house
Making decisions on your own, communications, and actions make you confident. Also, your ability to do something with your hands (driving a car, playing tennis, playing the piano) boosts your ego. Ego suffers when they don't have an extensive network, or when someone makes decisions for them.

4th house
A clean and comfortable home, a big family, and teamwork bring confidence. Ego might feel bad if there are bad relationships with family or teammates, no own housing, or the home is dirty.

5th house
Creative endeavours, a lot of children, successful projects, flirts, and a successful dating life make the native confident. Poor dating life or inability to make own projects make ego suffer. Also, if someone calls them uncreative, these people are foes to those with the Sun in the 5th house...

6th house
Bringing service or being useful to people is essential to Sun in the 6th house. If smb calls them useless, it's a catastrophe for them.

7th house
Having a partner and happy relationships is of paramount importance. The ego feels bad when not in relationships or when relationships are not stable. Also, Sun in 7th wants a super fancy partner.

8th house
Sex life is very important to the Sun in the 8th. These people wanna be the best sex partner in the world. If you wanna hurt them, tell them that they're mediocre in bad.

9th house
Education and high qualifications are essential. Feel dissatisfied when lacking knowledge in their profession. Also, good relationships with their father and authorities are important for their confidence.

10th house
Career and social life are important. No job promotion or lack of social gatherings suppresses their ego.

11th house
Fame, public image, and luxuries feed their ego. Feel unsatisfied when don't have attention from the society. Reputation IS SUPER IMPORTANT TO THEM.

12th house
Feel good when creating something innovative. When being a pioneer. Feel bad in the birthplace and when life is stagnant.

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