The most understandable Vedic astrology is Jyotish

Interpretation of the natal chart and the impact of current planetary transits

Modern, practical, without mysticism

Цифровой астролог в вашем телефоне.

Получайте информацию о ваших планетарных транзитах и рекомендации для лунных дней.

Enter your date and place of birth to calculate your chart :

Digital astrologer in your phone.

Get information about your planetary transits and recommendations for lunar days.

What you will learn from the chart

  • What areas of life are of primary importance to you

  • With what features are they implemented

  • What happiness depends on

  • Characteristics of the right partner for you

  • What to develop to please men / women

  • How are you affected by the current transits of the planets

  • How to use transits for maximum productivity

  • Your individual ways of obtaining energy and vitality

  • Your main growth zone / "karmic task"

  • Is it important for you to move abroad

  • Features of your sexuality

  • What is your destiny dictated by yogis / planetary connections

  • Periods of Sade Sati and how do you live them

  • The ability to follow the lunar days and understand exactly how the movement of the Moon affects you

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