Original Vedic Astrology

Discover your life mission and get insights into your genetic talents and personality through Jyotish system.

Modern, practical, without mysticism

Personal astrologer in your phone.

Find out about your key timings that affect your life.

Enter your date and place of birth to calculate your chart :

Digital astrologer in your phone.

Get information about your planetary transits and recommendations for lunar days.

What you will learn from the chart

  • What areas of life are of primary importance to you

  • With what features are they implemented

  • What happiness depends on

  • Characteristics of the right partner for you

  • What to develop to please men / women

  • How are you affected by the current transits of the planets

  • How to use transits for maximum productivity

  • Your individual ways of obtaining energy and vitality

  • Your main growth zone / "karmic task"

  • Is it important for you to move abroad

  • Features of your sexuality

  • What is your destiny dictated by yogis / planetary connections

  • Periods of Sade Sati and how do you live them

  • The ability to follow the lunar days and understand exactly how the movement of the Moon affects you

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