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About Jyotish Vedic Astrology

Important things to remember about astrology:

Astrology is the science of man, not of the stars. "Stars" are symbols of qualities inherent in people.

The question that Jyotish answers:

Which path is suitable for a person with certain qualities?

The purpose of Jyotish astrology is to shed light on our individual destiny.

Astrology originated in Mesopotamia about 4000 years ago, from where it spread to India and Greece. The Greek direction is known as Western astrology, and the Indian variety of astrology is known as Jyotish. Western and eastern use different coordinates, and therefore the maps of these two astrologies are radically different.

The Vedas became the source of the philosophy that formed the basis of the Vedic astrology of Jyotish, it is the Vedas that indicate the rules for reading the natal chart. Vedas is a collection of philosophical metaphorical texts about the laws of nature and the universe, about the meaning of life, Dharma and ways to achieve human happiness. The Vedas are complex texts that tell epic stories about the lives, joys, troubles, victories and defeats of heroes. Subsequently, with the emergence of the religion of Hinduism, the texts of the Vedas began to be considered sacred writings, the heroes of the stories were appointed gods and a cult was formed around them. It so happened that Jyotish astrology and the Hindu religion came from the same source - from the Vedas, and therefore they began to put almost an equal sign between Jyotish and religion, although true Jyotish astrology has nothing to do with religion and is intended for secular purposes.

In very ancient times, only members of the upper classes of society could fully use astrology. For them, for the most part, she served. Astrology helped to understand in what ways this or that lord, military commander or ruler could strengthen his power. That is, astrology helped them develop in their destiny. The upper classes had few restrictions: economic, territorial and mental, because they had the opportunity to get an education and make expansion. In those ancient times, only representatives of the upper classes had the opportunity to be realized in accordance with their horoscope, but in the modern world, all people, regardless of their origin, have the opportunity to realize their strong positions in the cards.

At a time when the possibilities of ordinary people were severely limited, predictive astrology was born. The ideological foundation of predictive astrology is the static nature of life, small opportunities for development and the almost hopelessness of the existence of an ordinary person. At the same time, there was a tradition to sing mantras for the alleged harmonization of the planets, because singing sacred songs helps to alleviate the suffering that arises as a result of the inability to implement strong positions in the map. Times have changed,life has become different and predictive astrology has stopped working. Today, each of us has the opportunity to use every active position in our natal charts in life and have positive results even in those houses for which the planets are responsible, not complained by old-fashioned astrologers who are afraid of Saturn, Mars, the Sun and the lunar nodes of Rahu and Ketu. Good news: Saturn and Rahu no longer predict a hard life for us. You just need to know how to implement difficult provisions in the natal chart.

The untruthfulness of predictive astrology in our time is confirmed by extensive statistical studies carried out first by Michel Gauquelin, and then by Andre Barbeau. The predictive element in astrology comes true with only a probability of 25-40%, as statistics have shown. While the correspondence of a person's character to the position in the natal chart, according to various studies, is 75-85%.

Jyotish astrology helps to answer the questions: what actions am I born to perform? what am I prone to? what is important to me? how is this important to implement? what can be created by me? which of the essential things for me do I refuse to look at? What have I underdeveloped to be happy? what is my purpose? which Way is right for me?

The natal chart even allows you to diagnose health and find the causes of diseases , - this is what Ayurveda does. When a person does not realize strong positions in his card, diseases begin. It would be a mistake to consider illnesses as punishment. Diseases are when the potential available in a person (in fact, energy), not being applied in an activity suitable for a person, is forced to collapse inside the body, provoking diseases.

The natal chart is a mathematical model of our psyche. Vedic astrology metaphorically, through houses and planets, tells how our personality is arranged, what is in our genes, what we are prone to, which people suit us for the roles of spouses, lovers, teachers, business partners. A good astrologer will find several subpersonalities in your chart (components of a personality, each of which has its own needs and interests) and, having set them a common task, will deduce a purpose that includes work, family, relationships, money, and many other things.

People who were born at the same time and have the same cards will have a different purpose. The reason for this is that the natal chart is superimposed on our interests, abilities, cultural and family background. The same position in the map will have different meanings for different people. For example, one person with Mercury in the house of vocation needs to be a writer, another - a financier, a third - a music teacher, a fourth - to develop IT, a fifth something else, and so on thousands of options. Therefore, it is very important that an astrologer ask a person about everything that makes up his life and thinking. In less than 1-2 hours, it is impossible to penetrate so deeply into a person to deduce his exact purpose. The decoding of the card by an astrologer, based on a superficial preliminary analysis of the client, is also superficial.

The Jyotish natal chart contains 12 houses, each of which symbolizes a certain sphere of life. There are 9 grahs in the houses: 5 planets (Jupiter, Venus, Mars, Saturn and Mercury), 2 luminaries (Moon and Sun) and two lunar nodes that are mathematical points and do not exist in reality (Rahu and Ketu). Each of the planets is a symbol of a set of certain qualities and characteristics. The spheres of life are realized in accordance with these qualities. The houses in which the planets are located are very important in human life, their unrealization leads to diseases, mental problems and various kinds of failures.

Decryption of the map on Saturn.Love allows you to get in touch with the world of modern and applied Vedic astrology Jyotish. Inside you will find a lot of details about the structure of your life, you will understand what you need to work out and with what features. The calculation contains many valuable hints. The project is developing and gradually more and more subtle features of a person's personality will be described. Welcome to our resource, friends!

What you will learn from the chart

  • What areas of life are of primary importance to you

  • With what features are they implemented

  • What happiness depends on

  • Characteristics of the right partner for you

  • What to develop to please men / women

  • How are you affected by the current transits of the planets

  • How to use transits for maximum productivity

  • Your individual ways of obtaining energy and vitality

  • Your main growth zone / "karmic task"

  • Is it important for you to move abroad

  • Features of your sexuality

  • What is your destiny dictated by yogis / planetary connections

  • Periods of Sade Sati and how do you live them

  • The ability to follow the lunar days and understand exactly how the movement of the Moon affects you

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