What does "raising vibrations" mean in a practical sense? Or how to use the current turbulence to your advantage.

What does "raising vibrations" mean in a practical sense? Or how to use the current turbulence to your advantage.

Putting aside the incomprehensible words of various "messengers from Sirius "about" increasing the vibrations of the planet" and magical thinking, let's try to figure out what the current evolutionary stage requires of us, which we have climbed so unexpectedly that so far it feels more like a fall. As my friend writes, the awakening comes suddenly, such is its character - with the habits of thunder.

The trauma of suppression is one of the basic genetic traumas of humanity. For many centuries, we have suppressed our aspirations for the sake of an imposed world order with a lot of useless things, we have suppressed the planet, each other and our emotions.

When you squeeze something very hard, it bursts. Humanity has a crack in his emotional valve. Emotions flowed out in rivers of panic and fear for the future. He's not the only one that's cracked, but we need him right now. Think about it, now all of humanity lives under stress. Can you imagine the density of this field? Can you imagine its strength? And the power of the charge? This is the charge we need to convert. Imagine it and feel it manifest through the body. It is in the cells. Don't run away from him, he's not dangerous, he can't do anything to you. But there is a power in it that you can't help but feel. This charge is exactly what we should take for ourselves and use as fuel for creation.

It is useless to imagine Golden clouds from which angels descend to you. We have to look at ourselves. Not to run, not to turn away, not to grab the phone, but to look into the eyes of an unpleasant and soul-scratching feeling. Allow yourself to touch it again and again. The more often we notice it and fix the feeling itself, the less scary it begins to seem. And gradually we begin to accept it... Acceptance is a very important stage, without which there will be no transformation. We just accept that Yes, the fear is there, it's there, it's inside, it's part of me. He's a part of me. Fear is an inherited memory of previous generations. Acceptance may not work immediately, but the more perseverance, the greater the reward. By not rejecting fear, by allowing it to be, we can convince ourselves that it is also worthy of universal love. And why not, if he is a part of humanity and every human being?...

If acceptance has occurred, then the next stage is a hug. We begin to feel tenderness for the demon that overcomes us, because we understand that this demon is our wound. It is from the wound that fears ooze. And if we begin to literally breathe our wound with gratitude for the possibility of healing it, it will begin. Getting in touch with her is a recipe that sounds simple at first glance, but in practice requires perseverance and real commitment.

Allowing yourself to feel and accept the feeling of fear is a basic alchemical principle that carries the same "increase in vibrations". The various visualizations of light and flame offered by the new age movement only train the imagination, often over-developing the right hemisphere to the detriment of the left, and the person flies away into the world of his dreams, leaving untouched the cause of the pain, the presence of which drives us into dreams. It is more effective to find this fear in your body and begin to feel elation at the possibility of its healing. Constant contact with it also serves as a vitamin for "increasing vibrations".


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