Importance of rectification of the Vedic Natal chart and opportunities for it on the Saturn.Love website

Importance of rectification of the Vedic Natal chart and opportunities for it on the Saturn.Love website

​On the Saturn.Love by Jyotish Vedic astrology you can get an interpretation of the positions in your Natal chart and get to know yourself better.

It often happens that a person knows the time of his birth very roughly and then he should not be sure that the Natal chart, built for an approximate time, really describes him. Or a person can be born at the junction of two ascendents, when the constellations were shifted by one house of the horoscope. The best thing he can do is to ask an astrologer to do the rectification. In the process of rectification, it is determined which Natal chart belongs to a person. This is an extremely important point.

If for some reason you can not turn to an astrologer, then we have come up with a mechanism to help you.

When you build an astrological map on our website, you see this function:

Three different Natal charts

For example, a person knows that he was born around 3: 30 am and at this time he calculates the Vedic Natal chart. But from the right "circle" he learns that at 3:39 am the Natal chart has become completely different - there was a change of the ascendant. Then he can read the description at both 3: 30 and 3: 39, and choose the card that corresponds to him and describes him. Thus independently rectified.

When you are rectified by a good astrologer ("good" is the key word here), then he should take three Natal cards (for your time of birth + the one that is earlier + the one that is later) and choose from them yours, even if you know your time of birth from the hospital tag and think that it is correct. If the astrologer does not take three cards, but builds one and begins to tell you about you, this indicates his superficial approach.

So when building a map on Saturn.Love, read all three maps and choose the one that describes you more accurately. This will avoid the mistakes that occur when you are not guided by your horoscope, thereby trying to live not your fate.



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Monday, 01 March 2021
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