Disassembled condition and feeling of being lost


Familiar? How do you live? Distracted? Do you indulge in melancholy? Overcome by thoughts about where to go next? Write in the comments.
Now humanity seems to be placed in conditions conducive to the birth of a new creative wave. Melancholy is always followed by a new round.

If the process of melancholy is accepted and lived, then a new charge of creativity is inevitable. This happens at the level of our body chemistry. All substances in the world decompose to make new ones. One thing turns into another… And this is a process: the process of transformation of the former elements, from which something that has not yet been built will be built. It is built within us and by us in the external world.

You should trust melancholy. This is not a creative state when you don't want anything. And it is not dangerous and does not threaten anything. It's chemistry, just chemistry. It is worth seeing beauty in melancholy and believing as little as possible this fear, which sounds like a tone of depression. This is temporary. It will pass. Now we should focus on accepting the feeling of being lost.

We can only really get lost if we perceive melancholy as suffering. But this is not suffering. Out of melancholy, works of art are born. Melancholy serves creation, melancholy is a stage in creativity.

Imagine the birth of a supernova. It's a blast! Supernovae are born in everyone who accepts their melancholy…

Melancholy is the kiss of Shiva that is building a new universe within you right now.


IE Gutnikov
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