Sade Sati: a series of obstacles or a period of prosperity?


 In the life of any person there comes a moment of passing the "exam" to follow one's destiny, set by Saturn and the Moon in the natal chart, and it is called

Sade Sati

This is explained in detail on ( with the revelation of these two planets and their influence on your Sade Sati.

Sade Sati is an important stage, repeated every 30 years and lasting about 8 years, in which a person must work out and, if possible, implement the provisions given to him in order to pass him with "excellent marks".

At the same time, following your true path during this period is accompanied by success and prosperity, which destroys the stereotypes that Sade Sati is a time of ONLY losses and failures. However, they can also be found if you go off the path and go against your mission.
How to spend Sade Sati and turn happiness and luck to your side?
1️⃣ Focus on the areas of life that the Moon and Saturn are responsible for in your natal chart.
2️⃣ Ask yourself a question about your purpose and try to come to an answer and its materialization.
3️⃣ Follow your dharma (life purpose).

With a subscription to, you will receive a detailed description of your Sade Sati: exact dates, instructions for conducting in accordance with the natal chart.
It's time to think about the meaning of your life and look for the answer?

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