Where should you move, looking at your 12th house?

If you have a planet in the 12th house, you should consider moving to another country because the loss of your motherland is the least loss you can have while having a planet in the 12th house. A 12th-house-person must learn to lose to transform.

What can relocation give to a person with an active 12th house?

12th house is about losses and transformations. Losing your motherland, you transform yourself. Losses save up a space for something new. Losing your motherland gives you a new motherland and expands your horizons.

Boosting your horoscope
If your 12th house is connected with the 2nd house (money), the 10th house (career), you're likely to earn more when moving away from your birthplace. Or if there's a connection with the 7th house (partnership), your best relationships are likely to happen when you move away. It happens because the 12th-house-person needs new energies - different from his birthplace - for their self-realization.

Where to move according to your planet in the 12th house?

Close to the sea and high happiness index.

Powerful countries with a global influence on the world. E.g. China, the USA, or Russia.

Rich countries.

Countries with a high speed of development. Countries where lots of things going on. Dynamic countries. E.g. Singapore.

Countries or cities with high scientific/technological achievements or a high concentration of science. E.g. Singapore, Cambridge (MA), Zhongguancun.

Beautiful and aesthetically pleasant countries/cities. Full of lavish pleasures and luxury. E.g. Dubai, Monaco, London.

Actually, Sun is one of the planets that doesn't care about the country. A person with the Sun in the 12th house needs a place where they can release their full potential at most.

Highly technologically developed country. E.g. Japan, Singapore (too much Singapore, huh).

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